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Human-Centered, Tech-Driven

After several years working with startups and investors, we kept seeing the struggle on both sides of the table in the early days of the fundraising process. Founders struggling to get the time of day from the right investors, and investors struggling to efficiently source and screen the right founders.

The prevailing methods (email outreach, pitch decks, executive summaries, pitch nights, etc.) seemed inefficient and antiquated. In particular, pitch decks and other written materials were lacking the most important element – showcasing the team. At the same time, video and mobile tech tools were better than ever. Ultimately, we envisioned a day when static pitch materials would shift to a dynamic video and mobile experience for the next generation.

As entrepreneurs do, we decided to bring that day to life ourselves. We set out to create the most personalized, modern, time-saving way for the industry to find founder-investor fit.

Enter Pitchape – a platform that is both human-centered and tech-driven. Where founders can tell their story and investors can find their outlier, at scale.

The New Black for the Startup Pitch

Through our platform, founders create what we call a “pitchtape” - a dynamic online pitch profile consisting of three 60-second videos telling investors what they’re doing, who they are, and why they’re doing it, along with short-form answers to standard pitch deck topics. Each pitchtape is then presented to our network of investors in a private web and mobile feed, curated for each investor based on selected investment criteria. Investors can simply click a button if they like a startup, which will notify the founders and give both sides the chance to connect to build a relationship and advance the fundraising process.

For Investors

Pitchtape makes it easier for investors to source, screen, and connect with the right founders.

Save Time. Find founder-investor fit faster, eliminating the need for time-consuming deal sourcing and screening methods.

Invest in People. Evaluate the people behind the project as if you were viewing a live pitch.

Stay Engaged. Analyze new opportunities with a sleek and captivating video-based digital experience.

Filter out the Noise. Access a personalized web and mobile feed that’s curated based on your selected investment criteria to ensure that you don’t miss out on the right opportunities.

Make the First Move. View startups anonymously and elect to pass, save, or connect simply by clicking a button on your feed. If you click connect, the founders will get notified and contact you to start a conversation.

Manage Connections. Track your deal flow and engage with your selected startups in one simple dashboard.

For Founders

Pitchtape makes it easier for founders to stand out from the crowd and get discovered by the right investors.

Do More. Tell your story to more investors faster, so you can expand your reach while spending more time building your business.

Make a Big Impression. Be more than your pitch deck with short-form videos allowing you to showcase yourself as if you were giving a live pitch.

Meet Investors. Get your pitch seen in a private web and mobile feed by our network of venture investors who are deemed the right match for you based on selected investment criteria.

Get Smart. Learn how to pitch and create your pitch materials in one platform that guides you through the fundraising process.

Spread the Word. Share a custom link to your pitch with investors you meet outside of our platform.

Engage with Investors. Connect with investors who want to connect with you and manage your interactions in one simple dashboard.

Our Mission is to Accelerate Your Mission

One of our favorite parts about working with entrepreneurs and investors has been making connections between the two and helping to facilitate the fundraising process. Our mission is to make that process easier so both sides can accelerate their mission.

To learn more about Pitchtape and to join our platform, visit or click below.


- The Pitchtape Team

About Pitchtape

Pitchtape is a dynamic video pitch platform connecting startups and investors. Through our platform, startup founders create and share a video pitch, and venture investors discover and connect with the next generation of innovators. Based in New York City, Pitchtape is creating the most personalized, modern, time-saving way for the industry to find founder-investor fit. Visit to learn more about how you can get connected to the right founders and investors.

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